In line with the provision of technical assistance, thirteen (13) students 4 females and 9 males of Ifugao State University, Lamut Campus completed their on-the-job training at the Northern Luzon Ecosystems Research Station (NLERS), Diadi, Nueva Vizcaya on July 3-14, 2023.The students are  in their third year of college  with Bachelor of Science in Forestry.

During the duration of their training, they were provided with different lectures on the activities of the Watershed and Water Resources Research, Development and Extension Center. Different lectures provided include Research proposal preparation, Tiger grass plantation Establishment Pests and Diseases Management and Control, Tree Health Assessment and Forest Valuation. They were also taught on Seed Collection and Processing and Clonal Propagation Technology.

ERDB-Main Office Personnel also shared their expertise  withhe OJT students through lectures and actual demonstrations on the proper soil sample collections. In addition, the OJTs were taught how to assess river flow and discharge using the flow meter.

The students expressed their gratitude to ERDB-WWRRDEC-NLERS for the knowledge they have acquired during the duration of their training. Imelda T. Ngaloy, WWRRDEC