The photo exhibit on bamboo technologies which was displayed at the lobby the WWRRDEC.

The Watershed and Water Resources Research, Development, and Extension Center (WWRRDEC) conducted a Techno-Exhibit on Bamboo Technologies within the vicinities of the Center on April 5, 2022.

Target viewers and audience of the said activity were the participants of the 1st and 2nd Quarter Joint Regional Research and Development Coordinating Council (RRDCC) and Executive Board Meeting of the Cagayan Valley Agricultural and Aquatic Resources Research and Development (CVAARRD) for CY 2022.

More than 30 participants coming from the different higher education institutions, national government agencies, and other consortium-member institutions attended the said meeting.

The activity was part of the promotion of bamboo technologies under the Strategic Communication Plan on Bamboo Technologies.

Its objective was for stakeholders to realize the importance of bamboo to the environment and the people as well as to showcase morphological characteristics of the different bamboo species found in the Philippine Bambusetum.

The exhibit has four components – bamboo plant exhibit, poster exhibit, handmade product display and photo exhibit.

Displayed in the lobby of WWRRDEC were different bamboo handicraft products such as hats, baskets, and bamboo frames. The bamboo plant exhibit displayed the morphological characteristics of various bamboo species found in the Philippine Bambusetum.

The said exhibit was backed up by substantial information found in the poster exhibit of selected bamboo species.

Moreover, the photo exhibit showcased different activities of WWRRDEC to promote bamboo technologies from 2015-2021 and likewise highlighted the success stories of bamboo technology adoption.

Simultaneously, IEC materials on bamboo such as “Field Guide to Ornamental Bamboos”, “TeKnow Komiks using Branch Cuttings”, and “TeKnow Komiks Using Culm Cuttings” were disseminated to the viewers.

ENR IEC Materials like TeKnow Komiks, How-to-Manuals, fact sheets, brochures, posters, leaflets, ENR fans, and ENR eco-bags were also distributed.

These IEC materials contain different technologies, mandates, concerns and functions of DENR-ERDB.

During the Techno-Exhibit event, the Cagayan State University (CSU) has shown interest in bamboo propagation for the enhancement and expansion of their bamboo species pool area.

In fact, the University said that they are willing to trade different species of bamboo with the Center.

The two parties made a verbal agreement that formal communications and requests will be polished in the future. Carissa C. Collado, WWRRDEC.