UBRDEC Technical Staff with Center Head For. Gregorio E. Santos, Jr. pose after the presentation on proposed research proposals about Urban, Biodiversity and Natural Forests

The Urban and Biodiversity Research Development and Extension Center through the Research & Development Unit (RDU) conducted a 5-day Training-Writeshop on Research Proposal Preparation last April 4-8, 2022.

This aims to produce research and project proposals within UBRDEC’s area of excellence and aligned with the proposed ERDB 10-year Master Plan. This was attended by technical personnel from Science Research Technicians to Supervising Science Research Specialists including those from the Stations and Satellite Office.

Center Head For. Gregorio E. Santos, Jr. discussed the importance of Ecology and the ecosystem services that natural forests provide such as provisioning services, regulating services, cultural services, and support services to better identify the research gaps and translate them into quality research proposals.

Selected technical personnel have drafted and presented their proposed capsule research proposal which focused on carrying capacity, protection of natural forests, bamboo clump management, forest bathing, and others. Afterwhich, the Center Head and whole RDU technical personnel were able to give their comments and suggestions to improve the presented proposed research proposal.

UBRDEC is committed to producing quality research proposals on urban, biodiversity and natural forests to be submitted to ERDB and other possible research funding institutions.  Heza Leigh C. Padua, UBRDEC