The Toxic and Hazardous Wastes Research, Development, and Extension Center (THWRDEC) is one of the six research centers created as a result of the rationalized structure of the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) under Executive Order (EO) 366. The center shall focus on researches and studies related to toxic and hazardous wastes. Such studies would include aspects on remediation options, management schemes, and alternative materials.

The center also provides technical assistance, disseminates information and conducts awareness campaigns on the effects of toxic chemical substances/mixtures and hazardous wastes on health and environment. Accordingly, science-based indicators for monitoring defined as early as the planning stage would ensure better compliance and ease in regulation. It would also anticipate adverse effects on human health and the environment.

Goals and Concerns

Guided by the Republic Act 6969 (The Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Waste Control Act of 1990), the center will cater to two program goals, namely:

(1) Improved environmental quality for a clearer and healthier environment; and

(2) Enhanced resilience of natural systems and improved adaptive capacities of human communities to cope with environmental hazardous and toxic wastes.

Likewise, THWRDEC will prioritize concerns on RA 9275 (Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004), Presidential Decree (PD) 984 (Pollution Control Law), RA 8749 (Clean Air Act), and PD 1586 (Environmental Impact Assessment System Law). The center shall also provide assistance to local government units (LGUs) in implementing RA 9003 (Ecological Solid Wastes Management Act 2000) and its implementing rules and regulations (IRR).

Thus, based on research results, the center will provide relevant technologies and information for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), as well as other concerned agencies. The technologies aim to help in decision making, policy formulation, and application of appropriate ENR management strategies to address current and emerging issues/concerns on toxic and hazardous wastes management. 


Mission and Vision

The center’s mission and vision shall be in line with the vision and mission statements of ERDB, to wit:

Vision: Relevant research, development, and extension towards a healthy environment and sustainable natural resources for an improved quality of life

Mission: To provide appropriate technologies through research, development, and extension (RDE) towards the enhanced productivity and sustainability of natural resources and protection of the environment for the improvement of quality of life of the Filipinos



In accordance with the above, the center has the following functions:

  1. Prepares and implements RDE projects/activities in accordance with identified RDE Programs of the technical divisions of the Bureau and in coordination with the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), including generation and transfer of technologies related to the management of toxic substances and hazardous wastes and generation of best practices for the abatement and control of toxic pollutants in accordance with the National RDE agenda and framework;
  2. Provides technical assistance, disseminate information and conduct educational awareness of the effects of toxic chemical substances, mixtures of hazardous wastes on health and environment and other ENR technologies, and perform other functions that may be assigned by higher authority.