The publication of this print material titled “Upland Ecosystems Rehabilitation by Contour Farming using Lemongrass¬†Cymbopogon citratus¬†(DC.) Stapf as Vegetative Strips” is a suitable technology. This technology is applicable for attaining sustainable, efficient, and effective protection of the environment and natural resources while developing additional eco-friendly livelihoods for interested stakeholders.

This publication may serve as a practical and simple guide for engaging in the rehabilitation of degraded areas. The information is based on the ERDB research conducted titled “Generation and Development of Technologies to Rehabilitate Degraded Multiple Use Zone in Protected Areas.”

Furthermore, this publication may be used during the capacity building of ERDB in transferring the technology on contour farming using lemongrass as vegetative strips. It is a simple but valuable reference for upland dwellers to address soil erosion, conserve soil quality, and improve soil productivity while earning additional income.