Volume 9 – Ornamental bamboos for urban parks
Bamboos are long-lived woody, evergreen grasses. These belong to the family Gramineae which include the grasses planted in lawns and such cereals as rice and corn. There are 60 known bamboo species in the Philippines and their number is increasing because of the newly-introduced species by plant collectors and bamboo enthusiasts.
Bamboo are multipurpose plants which are used in one way or the other, at home, or in the workplace by more than half of the world’s population. There are over a thousand different bamboos worldwide and anyone interested in bamboo will not only appreciate these as species for fashionable furniture and handicrafts, musical instruments, favorite dishes and as raw materials in architecture, but also consider them as best materials for the development of urban parks.
However, the aesthetic value of bamboo for urban parks has been barely tapped in the Philippines. Bamboo is a very interesting grass whose graceful culms, branches and leaves lend peace and serenity to any landscape. Thus, bamboo is becoming a favorite feature in urban parks as ground cover, live fence, hedges, or as a focal point in a landscape.
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