Volume 15b – Indigenous forest tree species in Laguna
The DENR Recommends No. 15b presents the continuation of the partial output of the ERDB continuing project on “Seed technology of indigenous forest tree species”. This focuses on another 13 indigenous forest tree species in the province of Laguna. Of these, 11 were collected from the NSJ Farm, Barangay Cueva in the town of Sta. Maria and two from Mt. Makiling.
Like the No. 15a series, it also includes the botanical description, phenological data, distribution, uses, wood properties, and ecology which are some of the essentials of mass propagation of these species for reforestation and genetic conservation. It highlights research-based information on seed technology aspects particularly on seed germination, seed longevity, and storage.
This botanical research, being trailblazed by three conscientious and aggressive female researchers of ERDB, envisions to augment the current specimen collection and expand the research scope on more indigenous species from other provinces where these species are endemic or naturally growing.
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