Volume 15a – Indigenous forest tree species in Laguna
Indigenous forest tree species are those which have evolved in the same area, region, or biotype where the forest stand is growing and are adapted to the specific ecological conditions predominant at the time of the establishment of the stand. These species form a valuable component of the dwindling timber resources of the country and deserve timely attention.
Increasing use of indigenous forest tree species is gaining headway. It augments the value and economic importance of these species and at the same time encourages the sustainable management of this particular forest resource.
The promotion, planning, and scientific monitoring and evaluation of this increased use of indigenous forest tree species must, however, be based on relevant or up-to-date information or data. It is for this reason that some diligent ERDB researchers have taken an initial step toward botanical research. With meager research funding, these researchers have trailblazed along botanical collection and exploration in a very specific locality in Laguna Province.
This 15th series of the DENR Recommends focuses on 13 species highlighting research-based seed technology particularly on initial moisture content and germination together with seed longevity and storage. The list of indigenous forest tree species presented herein is not at all exhaustive. It can, nonetheless, serve as starter reference for those interested in botanical explorations along indigenous forest tree species.


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