Volume 13 – Fungal diseases of forest tree seeds and control measures: A guidebook
This guidebook is based on the Manual on Forest Tree Seed Diseases and their Control, which is an offshoot of the author’s project entitled, “Biochemical and physiological changes in microbially infected forest tree seeds”, together with her other completed studies on forest tree seed pathology. The project was funded by the National Research Council of the Philippines of the Department of Science and Technology.
In this DENR Recommends series, the technologies derived from the project are herein presented for use by seed technologists, nurserymen, researchers engaged in forest tree seed research, forest tree seed users from the private industries, and students of seed pathology. With this guidebook, readers/users should be able to identify forest tree seeds infected with diseases; the causal fungal pathogens that can readily be seen on the seeds, or observed under a microscope; the possible measures to control infection on seeds; the host range or forest tree seed species where the pathogen is also isolated; and the negative economic repercussions of the pathogens. The geographical distribution of each fungus is also presented herein.
It is hoped that this guidebook will be useful to seed users in selecting seedlots of forest tree species which are free from pathogenic microorganisms, especially fungi, to be able to produce high quality planting stocks for reforestation and afforestation purposes.
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