Volume 12 – Food from the wilderness
DENR Recommends No. 12 – “Food from the Wilderness” is a compilation of known wildfood plants in the Philippines. Specifically, this DENR Recommends series lists 29 species of plants growing in the wilds. These wildfood plants could serve as alternative food source. The compiler indicated valuable information about each species such as its scientific name, family name, common name, description, distribution and propagation. The compiler, more importantly, specified how each species is used as food. Photographs are supplied to facilitate the readers’ identification or recognition of specific wildfood plants.
Readers can enhance their awareness and knowledge of the wildfood plants that could supplement their usual diet and income, and which might readily be available in their localities.
The list of species presented herein is not at all exhaustive. Nonetheless, this particular DENR Recommends can serve as a valuable reference for other researchers to conduct further and more in-depth studies as to the nutritive values of wildfood plants indicated in this series.


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