Volume 11 – Forest tree species with medicinal uses
This 11th series of the DENR Recommends presents a list of some forest tree species found to have curative properties based on observations and actual experiences of a number of people, as well as on previous research works of experts such as Quisumbing (1978), de Padua and others (1977; 1978; 1981), the Department of Health (1995) and sources listed in the References. Recently, a local pharmaceutical enterprise, however, has been manufacturing and distributing narra capsules. The company claims that its narra capsules can help improve the immune system. The capsules are also taken to cure rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, problems in the bladder or kidney stone, acne, asthma and certain types of cancer. In addition, the narra capsules are claimed as good fat burner and cleansing substance for the body.
This publication is an attempt to answer to call of the government for agencies concerned to document information and create awareness on the medicinal value/uses of forest tree species. Thus, researchers, students and the public will find the series practical and useful.
The continuing research efforts of various agencies, public and private, would eventually enable ERDB to update the series. That is, when information shall become available.
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