Photo op with the RRDIC Western Visayas members and representatives

The partnership of the science and technology community in Western Visayas continues as they aim to bridge the research gap and challenges by ensuring that relevant research and innovations are aligned with the regional development thrusts.

In support of this goal, the Regional Research, Development, and Innovation Committee (RRDIC) in Region 6 convened on February 7, 2023, at the Regional Development Council (RDC) Hall, National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) Regional Office in Iloilo City to discuss the issues and concerns as well as the CY 2023 research priorities that will address the needs of the various sectors.

RRDIC, a support committee under the Regional Development Council (RDC), is back with its first in-person meeting since the onset of the pandemic. Sixteen (16) member institutions from the National Government Agencies (NGAs), State Universities and Colleges (SUCs), research consortia, and representatives from the private sectors in Region 6 attended this First Quarter Meeting for CY 2023.

The Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau – Coastal Resources and Ecotourism Research, Development and Extension Center (ERDDB-CRERDEC) participated in the meeting and provided inputs concerning strategies for environmental protection and sustainability of natural resources in Western Visayas. These are among the arrangements lined up to help address the gaps and research development needs in the region.

ERDB-CRERDEC represents the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 6 in the RRDIC-RDC to assist in addressing the research and development needs as well as to take part in the initiatives of the research council.

Engr. Rowen R. Gelonga, Regional Director of DOST 6 and Chairperson of the RRDIC-RDC Western Visayas presides over the RRDIC 1st Quarter meeting.

CRERDEC also plans to actively participate in the campaign and promotion of the regional research journal by submitting articles to sustain the publication.  As the research arm of DENR in the Visayas regions, CRERDEC will continue assisting DENR Region 6 through participation in the Research, Development, and Extension (RDE) undertakings and initiatives of the RRDIC-RDC Western Visayas.

RRDIC priority agendas also include the publication of the “Visayan Journal of Science and Technology”, a regional research journal funded by DOST Region 6 aimed to operationalize a peer-reviewed journal that will serve as an online scientific platform. The committee also tackled the updates of the Regional GIS Network (RGIN), a network that was created through the RRDIC to consolidate and share individual GIS datasets from different agencies and institutions for policy and development planning.  Topics discussed also include the harmonized Regional R&D Agenda; the finalization of the Regional Development Plan; and updates on the activities of the research consortia members in Region 6. MJG Blanca, CRERDEC