PLANNING and INFORMATION and Communications Technology Division (PICTD)


Coordinates and facilitates the formulation of ERDB’s long-term, medium-term, and annual RDE plans and programs, provides support/assistance with respect to the Bureau’s planning, monitoring and evaluation functions and spearheads the development of information system and database in support to RDE management on ENR and information needs of various clientele.

Sections of PICTD

Planning and Programming Section


  1. Designs and develops strategies to help improve the planning and programming system of the Bureau in coordination/consultation with the technical divisions and other units;
  2. Provides updates on the current thrusts/priorities of the DENR and the national government and coordinates and facilitates the planning and formulation of the Research Sector’s Medium Term RDE Agenda and annual plan;
  3. In consultation with the technical and service divisions and the Research Development and Extension Centers (RDECs) and based on the recommendation of the ERDB Technical Review Committees (ETRCs), prepares /consolidates the following documents  relative to planning, programming, and resource allocation of the Bureau:
    • 3-Year Forward Estimates of the Research Sector
    • Annual Work and Financial Plan of the Bureau
    • Consolidated Annual Work and Financial Plan of the Research Sector
    • Participates in meetings/workshops regarding planning and budgeting to include the preparation of reference materials for budget hearings;
  4. Conducts preliminary review of plans and programs submitted by ERDB Main Office (MO) divisions/units and RDECs and provides comments and recommendations based on the approved Work and Financial Plan;
  5. Provides secretariat/support services to Executive Committee meetings and other PMISU initiated activities.
  6. Facilitates and provides assistance in the preparation for the conduct of consultation meetings and sectoral conferences with ERDB MO, RDECs, DENR offices and other concerned agencies.


Monitoring and Evaluation (M and E), Statistical Services and Policy Formulation Section


  1. In coordination with the technical divisions and Administrative and Financial Management Division (AFMD), facilitates the conduct of monitoring and evaluation and in-house reviews for ongoing and completed RDE programs/projects;
  2. Consolidates quarterly, annual accomplishment, statistical and other pertinent reports of the Bureau and the RDECs and provides feedback on the submitted reports;
  3. Conducts preliminary review and process documents of RDE proposals and terminal reports submitted by ERDB-MO and RDECs and other agencies for evaluation and provide feedbacks to the originating units;
  4. In coordination with the technical and support divisions and RDECs, facilitates the formulation of policy (ies) from research outputs generated which can be adopted/used by other bureaus of the DENR.
  5. Participates in seminars, workshops, trainings and meetings related to monitoring of programs and projects;
  6. Prepares documents and packages proceedings/highlights of consultation meetings, workshops, sectoral conferences, annual reviews;
  7. Provides secretarial services to various meetings of the ExeCom, and other PICTD initiated activities.


Management and Information Services Section


  1. Formulates and recommends Information, Communication Technology (ICT) policies to ensure the integrity, safety and proper use of ICT facilities in consultation with the divisions/units of the Bureau;
  2. Spearheads the formulation and implementation of the ERDB Information System Strategic Plan in consultation with the technical divisions/units;
  3. In coordination with the technical divisions/units, spearheads the conduct of systems analysis and design and develops the information system in support to planning, programming, monitoring and evaluation functions, as well as information needs of various users;
  4. Provides trainings/tutorials to the ERDB MO and RDECs on the developed information systems;
  5. Monitors the implementation of the information systems/databases managed by other divisions/units and provide assistance in its operation and maintenance;
  6. Administers and maintained information systems and databases including enhancement of local area network (LAN) and upgrading of website;
  7. Provides technical support and other ICT-related services to all divisions/ units of the Bureau.