The Laboratory and Experimental Services Division (LESD) is a service division responsible in the coordination and monitoring of the provisions of laboratory services being performed by the Research Centers (RCs), and the collaboration with other national and international institutions regarding researches on the environment and natural resources (ENR). In addition to this the division also serves as the repository of wildlife floral and faunal specimens, quality seeds, and other needed services in support to research and development (R&D) programs, projects, and activities of the Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) and its RCs.

LESD is the name given to the Los Baños Experiment Station (LBES) when elevated into a division through the Department and Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) rationalization by virtue of the Executive Order No. 366 dated October 4, 2004. It is composed of two sections – the Laboratory Service Section (LSS) and the Experimental and Demonstration Service Section (EDSS).

LSS’ mandate is to formulate, implement, and coordinate integrated research, development and extension (RDE) agenda/programs on the development of protocol/procedure, deliver efficient and effective laboratory services, and make every available data useful. It provides analytical and diagnostic laboratory services to backstop DENR R&D activities.

Provides direction and supervision for the different laboratory facilities in ERDB RCs. It maintains database of laboratory facilities, equipment, and analyses conducted and renders technical assistance to DENR units, clientele, and other end-users.

EDSS is composed of the Los Baños Experiment Station (LBES) and the Research and Development Demonstration Zon (RDZ). It serves as the show window of the Bureau’s research activities.

This section is usually open to clients’ visit during tours wherein different research-based ENR technologies and facilities of ERDB, such as charcoal briquetting, bamboo propagation, mist and non-mist propagation, bambusetum, palmetum, and medicinal genebank,  and materials recovery facility, are showcased.

Laboratory Services