Volume 2 No. 2 – April to June 2008
INSIDE: 2 AD Leuvy presents research paper in Korea 2 ERDB researchers attend 
Asia-Pacific Forestry Week Celebration 3 ERDB and PG of Quezon to Propel ecotourism 3
3rd ERDB - MIA Badminton Tournament n 4 TDD wins GAD contest on novelty creations 4
ERDB greets Dir. Amaro on his 48th b-day n 5 Special Order No. 52 names GAD Focal
Point Persons 5 ERDB conducts Training-Workshop on Harmonized Gender and
Development (GAD) Guidelines at NAMRIA 6 Nationwide flag raising held simultaneously
6 UFERD Chief receives plaque 6 Consultative Meeting with FASPO
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