Left photo: For. Joan S. Gilbero, emphasizes the mandate of ERDB as the principal research arm of the DENR. Right photo: For. Conrado B. Marquez, cites important points on “Knowing Bamboo” lecture.

Experts from the Forest and Wetland Research, Development and Extension Center (FWRDEC) shared their knowledge on ERDB’s mandate, bamboo technology and carbon stock assessment with the BS-Forestry interns from the Caraga State University (CarSU) through a lecture series and practical activities on August 17, 2022 at the FWRDEC-Butuan Satellite Office.

“FWRDEC is one of the six research centers nationwide that focuses on research, development, generation of technologies, and extension activities in forest and wetland ecosystems”, according to Forester (For.) Joan S. Gilbero, Chief- Technology Transfer, Promotion and Extension Unit (TTPEU) as she introduced the lecture series.

Then, For. Conrado B. Marquez, Director of FWRDEC, delivered a talk on bamboo, covering its significance, ecological requirements, traits, applications, and several varieties.

The interns looked more interested as For. Marquez helped them identify bamboo species found in the area.

Lastly, For. Joel B. Orella, a technical expert, further amazed the interns as he gave his lecture on carbon stock (Cstock) assessment where he cited the importance of this assessment, especially in the advent of climate change.

He also facilitated the conduct of a field demonstration of assessing Cstock in Bood Promontory and Eco-Park near the office’s vicinity on August 19, 2022.

Thereafter, he imparted his full knowledge in running/analysis of the data they collected in the field including Aboveground and Belowground Biomass and Soil carbon.

Left photo: Identification of bamboo species found in FWRDEC- Butuan vicinities with For. Conrado B. Marquez. Right photo: For. Joel B. Orella together with the interns, analyze the data they collected during field activities.
For. Joel B. Orella facilitates the aboveground and belowground biomass, and soil carbon sample collection.

This endeavor came about as a result of the DENR- 13 Regional Office’s request for technical experts from FWRDEC.

This request was made in accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement signed by and between DENR- 13 and CarSU, which stated that the interns would receive the necessary training from DENR field offices and other branches.

By doing this, FWRDEC intends to inspire these young professionals to eventually take part in future environmental initiatives by sharing their knowledge and expertise that the center has to offer. MC Dominic Valdehuesa, FWRDEC