ERDB Director Dr. Henry A. Adornado and CRERDEC Center Head Dr. Alicia L. Lustica with the participants of the Geometric Morphometrics and Molecular Techniques training held last 08-12 November 2021

CRERDEC in partnership with the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI) conducted an online training on “Geometric Morphometrics and Molecular Techniques”.

From November 8-12, 2021, thirty (30) participants from the ERDB technical divisions, research centers, and partner DENR field offices were introduced to the amazing world of computational biology and concluded equipped with the knowledge of DNA analysis and phylogenic tree generation.

Speakers from NFRDI and Mindanao State University (MSU) shared their knowledge on naming organisms for proper species identification. They demonstrated tedious but gratifying ways of transforming simple photographs of beautiful insect wings into a quantifiable set of data. They delve deeper into fish anatomy, acquainting every participant from the margins of its mouth to the tip of its tail.

Lecture slides on fish anatomy as an introduction to geometric morphometrics concept

The five-day online training tackled the minute but complex course of taxonomy, systematics, and molecular biology, from sample collection to exciting DNA extraction and amplification through Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). The training enabled the participants to operate different software for DNA sequence alignment and phylogenetic analyses.

CRERDEC hopes that the participants will be able to apply morphological tools and molecular techniques in their future research undertakings. ERDB Director, Dr. Henry A. Adornado, further emphasized that with the help of technological advancements and breakthroughs, assessing species diversity and phylogeographic history is within reach. // GN Malabayabas.