CRERDEC Supervising Science Research Specialist Carlito C. Buante and CRERDEC Chemist Nick S. Rubio (left photo) award the certificates of completion to the student interns during the culminating event. NORSU BS Chemistry students in a photo opportunity alongside CRERDEC Laboratory and Technology Transfer Staff (right photo).

Four all-female BS Chemistry students from Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) completed their 200-hour Student Internship Program at the Soil and Water Laboratory (SWL) located at the Coastal Resources and Ecotourism Research, Development and Extension Center (CRERDEC) in Camp 7, Minglanilla, Cebu.

During the culminating event on August 31, 2023, student trainees shared insights gained during their internship. They discussed their various responsibilities, which included tasks like water and soil sampling, microplastic quantification, pH and Multiparameter Water Tester Calibration, filtration techniques, and total carbon and organic matter determination, among others.

The students also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to use advanced analytical equipment at CRERDEC SWL, including the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer, UV-visible (UV-Vis) Spectrometer, and Flame Photometer, essential tools for environmental research. They recognized Mr. Nick S. Rubio, CRERDEC chemist, for his mentorship and emphasized how this hands-on experience bridged the gap between their classroom learning and practical application, providing them with a well-rounded and enriching educational journey.

BS Chemistry trainees from NORSU perform various laboratory tasks: 1. Total carbon & organic matter determination, 2. Water sample testing, 3. Microplastic filtration, 4. Microplastic Counting, 5. Determination of available phosphorus, and 6. AAS Instrumentation Training

Forester Carlito C. Buante, CRERDEC Supervising Science Research Specialist, appreciated the students’ choice to train at CRERDEC, recognizing their significant contribution and highlighting CRERDEC’s role as a valuable training ground. Forester Buante on behalf of CRERDEC Center Head Jose Isidro Michael T. Padin awarded the certificates of completion to the student interns during the culminating event.

Mr. Reynaldo L. Lanuza, Supervising Science Research Specialist and CRERDEC In-Charge, commended the collaboration, marking the first time CRERDEC hosted Chemistry students for training. He acknowledged Mr. Nick Rubio for his effective mentoring and noted the positive impact of the students on the center’s operations. Mr. Lanuza emphasized the importance of students applying their knowledge in a real-world setting, enriching their learning experience within CRERDEC’s experimental forest.

This collaboration between NORSU and CRERDEC signifies a crucial step in promoting environmental awareness and fostering practical research skills among the next generation of scientists. AnnLFJ and NickSR, CRERDEC