ERDB-WWRRDEC celebrated World Water Day 2023 with Happy Hallow Elementary School pupils on March 22, 2023 at Happy Hallow Barangay, Baguio City.

In line with the celebration of World Water Day, the ERDB-Watershed and Water Resources Research Development and Extension Center (WWRRDEC) through its Technology Transfer Promotion and Extension Unit (TTPEU) conducted an Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaign to Grade four, five and six pupils of Happy Hallow Elementary School (HHES) on March 22, 2023 at Barangay Happy Hallow, Baguio City.

This year’s theme, “Accelerating Change”, aims to accelerate change in solving today’s water and sanitation crisis. The campaign encourages families, schools and communities to take action like a humming bird in making a difference by changing the way we use, consume and manage water in our daily lives.

A total of ninety (42 males, 43 females) pupils including teachers participated in the activity.

Ms. Carissa Collado, Training Specialist I, together with On-the-Job Trainees (OJTs) from the Marcos Memorial State University (MMSU) facilitated the educational campaign.

Ms. Collado briefed the young audiences about the World Water Day celebration by sharing the story of a humming bird who relentlessly flew back and forth with water on its beak to stop a forest fire.

Though the other animals discouraged the humming bird, it stood its ground believing he is doing what he can to help stop the fire.

She further discussed that out of all the water on the planet, only 3% of it was freshwater while the other 97% is saltwater.

Out of the 3%, only 0.75% of it is consumable while the 2.25 % were trapped in ice caps, glaciers and soils. She encouraged the pupils to be determined in taking action like the humming bird in the story.

For interactive learning, Mr. Jaybee Wei Seneron, MMSU OJT, facilitated an educational game and a Question and Answer about water which the kids participated actively.

Likewise, Ms. Sharyne Adina, MMSU OJT, also gave simple tips on how to conserve water which includes taking shorter showers and using just enough water in taking a bath, closing faucets tightly to avoid leakage, reusing water from laundry to water plants, wash car and flush toilets; washing dishes using a basin to save water, and collecting rainwater for future use.

Happy Hallow Elementary pupils actively participates during the question and answer and games in the World Water Day 2023 celebration.

To further strengthen the pupils’ awareness of water, they took a pledge to conserve water in every small way they can.

Meanwhile, twelve (12) Grade six pupils participated in a World Water Day 2023 poster making contest which was judged by the WWRRDEC Center Head and Supervising Science Research Specialists.

Three winners were chosen and were awarded cash prizes. Other participants were also given World Water Day mugs and certificates as tokens.

Happy Hallow Elementary pupils took a water pledge to further strengthen their awareness on water conservation during the World Water Day 2023 celebration.

Also in line with this event was a radio broadcast aired in DZEQ Radyo ng Bayan. Forester Rej Winlove Bungabong, Supervising Science Research Specialist, served as a Resource Speaker who tackled water policies, research and projects related to water and current water issues.

He was assisted by Ms. Kathlyn Mae Mingming and Ms. Marla Joy Sudio, MMSU OJTs.

Poster-making and Q&A winners receives cash price and simple tokens during the World

WWRRDEC also participated in other World Water Day activities including an IEC Campaign at Rizal Elementary School, World Water Day Zumba and the signing of the Water Pledge at the DENR-CAR compound. Chamanei C. Elias/WWRRDEC