Mr. Winston P. Manongyao, WWRRDEC Safety Officer, doing roll call and orientation.

The Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau-Watershed and Water Resources Research Development and Extension Center (ERDB-WWRRDEC) employees participated in a 2023 Third Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill on September 7, 2023.

Mr. Winston P. Manongyao, designated Safety Officer of WWRRDEC, led the said activity. Before the seismic exercise, Mr. Manongyao reoriented the employees on some safety tips during earthquake scenarios. He reminded everyone to do the Duck, Cover, and Hold once shaking is felt.

Duck, cover, and hold during the earthquake drill on September 7, 2023.

The drill was simulated at exactly 2:00 PM  on September 7, 2023. All personnel presently working within the WWRRDEC Office that day responded to the drill by ensuring a safety action. After the shaking which lasted for about 60 seconds, each employee slowly proceeded to the designated evacuation area. A roll call was also done to check if everyone  was present  at the assembly point.

Further information on things to remember before, during, and after the earthquake was provided thereafter. WWRRDEC