Cognizant of the ERDB’s mission to provide appropriate technology and information through research, development and extension towards the enhanced productivity and sustainability of the country’s environment and natural resources, the Bureau has  formulated the Technology Assessment Protocol (TAP). This Protocol aims to ensure that all generated technologies to be shared with clients are environmentally sound, socially acceptable, technically feasible, economically viable, and with appropriate enabling mechanisms.

New technologies that have passed ERDB’s assessment process shall be packaged in preparation for technology transfer and extension. The Technology Transfer Division – Technology Assessment and Packaging Section (TTD-TAPS) of the Bureau leads in the packaging of all assessed ERDB generated technologies.

This Technology Packaging Protocol (TPP) was developed through the collaborative efforts of the Bureau’s technology transfer personnel, senior researchers, and planning staff. TPP will be of great help in coming up with technology transfer and extension initiatives that are more effective and well suited to the needs of our stakeholders.

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