Mr. Santos explains the R & D activities to the visiting researchers and staff of the Main office & RDECs.

The Urban and Biodiversity Research Development and Extension Center (UBRDEC) Center head Gregorio E. Santos Jr. together with UBRDEC Staff and researchers welcomed colleagues from the ERDB Main office & RDECs, WWRRDEC, ARDEC, CRERDEC, FWRDEC and THWRDEC at the Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest (PMEF) in Brgy. Ibabang Palsabangon, Pagbilao, Quezon last June 2, 2022.

Mr. Santos toured them to the Mangrove and beach forest nursery and discussed the ongoing Research and Development activities being done by the Center. The Importance of the established IPTs in mangrove conservation, production of different mangrove planting stocks, monitoring of mangrove phenology and development of propagation protocol for small-seeded mangrove species were among the topics discussed. On their way to the viewing deck Mr. Santos explained the importance of the marked and geotagged IPTs along the boardwalk. He emphasized that there is a need to develop new selection criteria for Mangrove IPTs because of their unique characteristics that differ from the terrestrial species.

Above left photo: Mangrove tour through the 800 meters board walk. Above right photo: Mangrove tour by boat Bottom left photo: Mangrove view deck Bottom right photo: Group photo of participants at the Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest

The group was toured to the view deck and a 20-minute educational boat ride around the mangrove. Ms. Analyn R Pasagdan Project leader of “Development of Pagbilao Mangrove Experimental Forest Station” discussed the different mangrove species along the riverine ecosystem and the mangrove plantation as part of the demo area of the project. Maria Yliese A. Corpuz, UBRDEC