This year’s Enhanced Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF) and Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) Assessment for ERDB programs and projects was conducted in Manila.

HGDG checklist for project implementation and management and monitoring and evaluation (Boxes 16 and 17) serves as a guide in assessing the accomplishments of ERDB ongoing projects for CY 2023, focusing on its set GAD or gender equality objectives.

The workshop was participated by 25 (22 women, 3 men) selected ERDB GAD FPS members, program and project leaders from ERDB Main Office and RDECs.

Monitoring and evaluation activities are often participative and consultative, thus the involvement of the project leaders was beneficial for this cause.

This year’s HGDG boxes 16 & 17 attribution is 9.32%, which is more than the 5% requirement of the PCW-NEDA-DBM Joint Circular 2012-01 on the Guidelines for the Preparation of Annual GAD Plans and Budgets and Accomplishment Reports to implement the Magna Carta of Women.

Moreover, the mainstreamed HGDG Box 9 in ERDB project proposal preparation and review was evaluated and some points for improvement in the implementation were raised.

GMEF assessment for CY 2023 aimed to determine the status of gender mainstreaming of ERDB in a holistic view, and the status of gender sensitivity and gender responsiveness of the ERDB programs, projects, and activities (PPAs).

This was attended by 23 (20 women, 3 men) selected ERDB GAD FPS members.

ERDB’s GMEF score for CY 2023 is 88.82, which  corresponds to a Level 4:

Commitment Enhancement and Institutionalization.

This shows that ERDB has already institutionalized gender mainstreaming and is focused on sustaining its efforts. ERDB-GADFPS