ERDB’s Best Employee Awardees from left to right (front row) Mr. Rhenzo V. Rance (CZFERD), Mr. Mark Anthony C. Gabales (PICTD), Ms. Agnes M. Umali (FERD), Ms. Liza D. Condino (LESD), Ms. Edna T. De Miguel (OD-AD), Ms. Veronica M. Mercado (UERD), Mr. Adrianne Patrick G. Villegas (AFMD), Mr. John Alfonso M. Abrenilla (TTD). Also in photo from left to right (back row) are ERDB Assistant Director Mayumi Quintos-Natividad, ERDB Director Maria Lourdes Q. Ferrer and DENR Assistant Secretary Marcial C. Amaro Jr.

Los Baños, Laguna – As part of its 35th Anniversary celebration, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (DENR-ERDB) recognized its employees on December 16, 2022. During the ceremony, over 50 employees received recognition in over 13 award categories.

Nine employees were likewise recognized for passing the Foresters’ Board Licensure Examination and three were given certificates of recognition for passing the Civil Service Examination. For the Foresters’ Board Licensure Examination, the passers were the following: Ms. Abigail A. Abanilla (UERD), Mr. Daniel Carlo Balne (FERD), Mr. Kenneth Roy G. Dele Peña (FERD), Mr. Mark Victor P. Dela Rosa (FERD), Ms. Genaldine G. Gumata (FWRDEC), Mr. David Ivan T. Malinao (UBRDEC), Ms. Ronalyn L. Mañosca (UBRDEC), Ms. Mega Rose S. Portuito (ARDEC), Mr. Kim Aaron Tolentino (FERD).

 Mr. Renato G. Bacsal, Jr. of FWRDEC received the Aral award for completing his Master of Science in Forestry degree as a scholar at the Central Mindanao University.

Mr. Wencelito P. Hintural of UERD and Ms. Clarisse Ann D. Apolinar of AFMD were given the Sikap Aral award for completing Master of Science in Environmental Science at the University of the Philippines Los Baños and Master of Public Administration at the Laguna College, respectively while performing as an employee of the Bureau.

Ms. Edna T. De Miguel, Science Research Assistant from the Ofiice of the Assistant Director (44 years, 2 months, and 27 days in service) and Mr. Benjamin M. Rogon, Laborer I from UBRDEC (43 years, 8 months, and 28 days in service) were the Loyalty Awardees for 2022.

The service awards were given to the board members of the ERDB Employees Association for protecting the interest of all rank-and-file employees for CY 2021-2022, namely: Ms. Adreana S. Remo (UBRDEC), Ms. Jamella M. De Castro (UERD), Ms. Janine C. Baguhin (LESD), Ms. Kathlyn A. Umali (PICTD), Ms. Maria Aurora G. Jimenez (AFMD), Mr. Timothy John M. Dizon (FERD), Ms. Mariche B. Natividad (CZFERD), Mr. Henry C. Eugenio (PICTD), Mr. Nelson Levi M. Lantican (FERD), Mr. Criskim C. Parian (WWRRDEC), Ms. Genidine H. Aspuria (WWRRDEC), Mr. Julius F. Bañega (THWRDEC), Ms. Prenenita F. Limuaco (THWRDEC), Ms. Heza Leigh C. Padua (UBRDEC), Ms. Pearlie M. Gabis (UBRDEC), Mr. Jose F. Layese, Jr. (CRERDEC), Ms. Charvie Richel Anne H. Bartonico (CRERDEC), Ms. Marybeth D. Jumao-as (ARDEC), Mr. Ernesto S. Patayon (ARDEC), Ms. Lourdes D. Agne (FWRDEC) and Ms. Eubie D. Andipa (FWRDEC).

Mr. Wencelito P. Hintural of UERD received the Early Career Research Award during the UPLB-SESAM testimonials and Ms. Royette C. Posadas of ARDEC was awarded Second Best paper during the SMAARDEC Regional R&D Symposium making them the recipient of the Special Citation Award from the Bureau.

Dr. Marilyn Q. Lalican of LESD received the Mentorship Award for her tireless coaching, mentoring, and guidance to rank-and-file employees.

ERDB also awarded one employee per division/RDEC as the Best Employee for 2022. The selection was done through a survey per division/RDEC where each employee was asked to nominate at most five (5) employees for the award.

The Best Employees were: Mr. Adrianne Patrick G. Villegas (AFMD), Mr. Rhenzo V. Rance (CZFERD), Ms. Agnes M. Umali (FERD), Ms. Liza D. Condino (LESD), Ms. Edna T. De Miguel (OD-OAD), Mr. Mark Anthony C. Gabales (PICTD), Mr. John Alfonzo M. Abrenilla (TTD), Ms. Veronica M. Mercado (UERD), Ms. Sharmaine N. Egalla (WWRRDEC), Mr. Jonathan Alexander DJ. Galang (THWRDEC), Ms. Arlene B. Ranara (UBRDEC), Mr. Joselito A. Rodrigo (CRERDEC), Dr. Dennis M. Gilbero (FWRDEC) and Mr. Rodrigo M. Real (ARDEC).

 Authors who contributed the most number of published articles to ERDB’s publications were also awarded. Dr. Dennis M. Gilbero of FWRDEC (Sylvatrop), For. Gregorio E. Santos, Jr. of UBRDEC (Canopy International), and Ms. Jenet C. Tejada of LESD (GADRich, RISE and Infojournal) were the recipients of the Golden Quill Awards.

The following divisions and RDECs were also recognized for delivering quality service and outputs to the Bureau:

  • Best in Social Media Promotion – Watershed and Water Resources Research Development and Extension Center (WWRRDEC)
  • Most Requested Research Center for Technical Assistance – Coastal Resources and Ecotourism Research Development and Extension Center (CRERDEC)
  • Most Responsive Unit – Laboratory and Experimental Services Division (LESD)
  • Best Delivery Unit – Forest Ecosystems Research Division (FERD) and Forest and Wetland Research Development and Extension Center (FWRDEC)

ERDB was hailed as the overall champion of the recent Pasko sa Gubat 2022 hosted by the Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development (DOST-PCAARRD). The players who emerged as champions and podium finishers from the different events were also recognized. Edrienne Argyle P. Agawin & Klarissa Camille T. Halili, TTD