“Sometimes you just need to talk about something – not to get sympathy or help, but just to kill its power  by allowing the truth of things in the air” – Karen Salmansohn

Making people know what really happened on things we put our effort in, with limited resources  in our hands could lead to a state where many will understand our very existence and importance.  This book intends to inform the public of how bamboo technologies developed by ERDB and  its RDECs made an impact not just in the rehabilitation and protection of the environment and  natural resources, but also in other peoples’ lives either individually or collectively.

Why bamboo? Among the resources to have an impact on communities, bamboo has been proven  itself to have vital contributions to the national economy and ecological stability of the country.  Once considered as a “poor man’s lumber,” the uses of bamboo transformed from being a simple  construction material of a typical Filipino house or “bahay kubo” to becoming raw material for  products of high export demand.

ERDB’s developed technologies on bamboo propagation and harvesting methods, and plantation  establishment and management provided several benefits not just ecologically but also economically. The once vast idle lands now became productive resources where people can  enjoy and biodiversity could thrive. Since bamboo propagation and plantation establishment  was taught to local communities, most of whom are farmers, they had additional opportunities  to earn an income and provide for their family’s basic needs and wants. Aside from the ecological  and economic benefits gained, other beneficiaries or adopters of the technology were able to  gain confidence and become agents of change. A rippling or multiplier effect has been observed  as communities nearby were also encouraged to engage on activities related to propagation of  planting materials and production of bamboo poles.

Being productive is not just for the young ones. Even at old age, one can still give its full potential  and continue to remain productive, just like the story of old bamboo clumps that you will read in  this book. Clearing of entanglements and removing of unproductive parts were important for this  old clump to be productive again. Though hard and sometimes painful, parts that obstruct need  to be removed in order for new growth to come. To continue on running, one has to get rid of the  things that will hinder him from moving as fast as he can, just like what Hebrew 12:1 said,

“…let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that easily entangles and run with perseverance  the race marked out for us.” 

Success in its fullest sense do no just happen because of one man. It should not be enjoyed by selected  individual or group only. It is a result of collaborative effort and hard work that ERDB and its partners put  on to realize all these endeavors as successful one.