Left photo: For. Noel M. Dotimas of THWRDEC conducts the hands-on training on macrosomatic clonal propagation and the application of Hi-Q Vam 1 Right photo: Demonstration of the procedure in the preparation of the pet bottle raft for the floating garden.

Recognizing the role of technology adopters in the implementation and sustainability of projects on a particular technology, the Toxic and Hazardous Wastes Research, Development and Extension Center (THWRDEC) facilitated the Hands-on Training on Plant Propagation and Establishment of Floating Garden on July 21, 2021.

The participants were composed of 25 workers (13 males and 12 females) from the identified technology adopters of Barangays 143 and 144, Pasay City.

The activity is in line with the implementation of the strategic communication plan for CY 2021 specifically on the capacity building of THWRDEC stakeholders/technology adopters

Topics presented included the Macrosomatic Clonal Propagation, Application/Use of Hi-Q Vam 1 Mycorrhiza, and Establishment of Floating Garden using PET bottles. Discussions/presentations of the mentioned ENR technologies were undertaken by Foresters Rey A. Abadiano and Christian Noel M. Dotimas and Ms. Ma. Salvacion P. Samson.

Afterwards, an open forum was facilitated to address some concerns raised by the participants. Relatively, the distribution of IEC materials regarding the technologies presented and other related information was conducted.

After the lectures, hands-on training was undertaken.

The participants were given a chance to do the different steps/procedures under the macrosomatic clonal propagation as well as the proper technique on the application of Hi-Q Vam 1.

Moreover, the layout preparation of the pet bottle raft was demonstrated. Lastly, Barangay Chairpersons Nery Boco and Loreta Morales of Brgys. 144 and 143, respectively, expressed their full appreciation to ERDB-THWRDEC.

They said the training would help improve their skills to facilitate the implementation of their plans toward the adoption of the Floating Garden Project. Ma. Salvacion P. Samson, Sr. Sc. Res. Specialist, UBRDEC