(Left photo) Ceremonial planting of ornamental plants at the Learning Ecopark for Advocating Resources and Nature (LEARN) of WWRRDEC. (Right photo) Radio guesting of some WWRRDEC staff at DZEQ Radyo Pilipinas-Baguio on water-related topics.

Every 22nd day of March, people from all walks of life across the globe are enjoined to celebrate the World Water Day. For the science community, it is the most opportune day to increase global awareness on the benefits and influence of water to people’s lives.

Indeed, the Watershed and Water Resources Research, Development and Extension Center for one, joins the celebration of World Water Day by conducting relevant activities such as webinar, ceremonial planting and radio guesting.

The Water Day Webinar, which was hosted by the Center, gathered 27 participants through Zoom cloud video conferencing from 8:30 AM to 12:00 noon. The webinar was also simultaneously aired via Facebook Live with 270 viewers in total.

Ms. Helen A. Maddumba, WWRRDEC Center Head, in her opening remarks shared on the origin of World Water Day and highlighted this year’s theme “Valuing Water”. On the other hand, Ms. Minda S. Odsey, Technology Transfer and Extension Services (TTES) Section Chief encouraged the participants to enjoy the learning event and actively participate in the online games prepared by the Center.

The zoom participants and hosts in the Webinar on “Valuing Water”.

For the main portion of the webinar, Ms. Erika C. Flora, Science Research Specialist of WWRRDEC, gave a comprehensive discussion on water – its basic properties, global overview and the types of water resources. Different threats to water resources and the major factors influencing its availability were also emphasized.

Ms. Flora also apprised the participants on the different water resources of the country along with its role in industrial, agricultural and environmental sectors.

A video-making contest, dubbed as “Shanum”, was also undertaken where the participants were asked to prepare an audiovisual material answering the question “What does water mean to you?”, which is in line with the theme Valuing Water.

After the webinar, a ceremonial planting of different ornamental plants like bromeliads and succulents by selected WWRRDEC staff was also undertaken. One of the species planted at the LEARN eco-park is Agave or maguey, which, aside from it being used as an ornamental plant, is also known as a heat/fire- and drought-resistant plant.

A radio guesting at DZEQ Radyo Pilipinas-Baguio also highlighted the Center’s celebration of this year’s World Water Day. Selected WWRRDEC staff talked about water-related topics such as the various issues and concerns confronting the world  today, the state of water resources, reasons why we celebrate the World Water Day, and several studies on water resources valuation.

These activities emphasizing on the true value of water, were all designed to call out on everyone to get active involved in the protection and conservation of water at the global and local levels.

Indeed, we cannot protect something that we do not value. By celebrating the value of water, we can promote the protection of this vital resource for the present and future generations to come. Carissa C. Collado/Shirley Jaene S. Valdez