Left photo: A CRERDEC employee holds a bamboo straw as part of the office’s advocacy. Right photo: Sample of CRERDEC’s promotional items made of bamboo.

Nowadays, society’s demand for convenience has led to the growing production of many disposable items. On top of the list are single-use plastics. Some plastics are made as packing materials or utensils for food on the go. The sad part is that most often these plastics are used only once.

Plastic straw, for instance, is perhaps a minor thing to discuss when we talk about plastic trash. However, most straws are not biodegradable and could remain in the environment for a long time. A small number of plastic straws littered daily can lead to a big ecological problem over the years.

The efforts of the Coastal Resources and Ecotourism Research, Development and Extension Center (CRERDEC) to help reduce plastic litter are intended for both land and sea. The office continues to explore nature-based solutions toward environmental conservation. As part of the advocacy on the battle against plastic pollution, CRERDEC supports and promotes practices that seek alternatives to single-use plastics. Thus, the office introduced the reusable bamboo straw as one of the eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws which is a small step to create a big leap to end the circulation of single-use plastics.

Aside from plastic straw, there are many non-plastic straw options to choose from such as stainless steel, glass, paper, and other naturally grown alternatives. Choose to refuse the use of single-use plastic! Act responsibly and be a bamboo straw agent for change!. CV Rallos, CRERDEC