Sylvatrop Volume 30 No. 1 - January to June 2020

Volume 30 No. 1 – January to June 2020

What’s inside:

1 Red list assessment if Philippine Ironwood (Xanthostemon spp. Myrtaceae) by Pastor L. Malabrigo Jr. and Roniño C. Gibe

23 Assessment of farmers’ climate change resiliency in selected Community-Based Forest Management areas in Laguna, Philippines by Dr. Engelbert R. Lalican

47 Estimation of carbon sequestration rates and carbon densities of fast-growing tree plantations in Mindanao, Philippines by Nelson Levi M. Lantican and Manolito U. Sy

67 Biomass and carbon accumulation potentials of Mychorrhizal Inoculated Acacia mangium and Eucalyptus urophylla seedlings in mined-out areas by Dr. Nelly S. Aggangan, Dr. Elenita L. Racelis, and Iris Ashley C. Algabre

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