Volume 32 No. 1 – Binunga (Macaranga tanarius)
This issue of RISE will provide significant information as well as generate awareness on the benefits and importance of Binunga.

Binunga has many uses. Its bark contains sap with adhesive properties and tannin for containers and toughening fish nets. The bark and leaves are used to make “basi”, which is a fermented drink. The wood produces a high quality pulp and particleboard that also provides good firewood. The timber is soft and light, but not durable and not resistant to termite attack.

This tree has been recommended as a shade and shelter tree to promote natural regeneration in deforested land. It is recognized for its erosion control and windbreak potential and tolerance to sandy sites and salt-laden coastal winds. Binunga is also characterized as a fire retardant species that slows down the spread of forest fires.

Therefore, publishing this compilation for school libraries and/or references for public reading books is deemed necessary. With this compiled form, the issue can be conveniently used by students and other clienteles/readers.

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