Sylvatrop Volume 29 No. 2 - July to December 2019

Volume 29 No. 2 – July to December 2019

What’s inside:

1 Fluctuating asymmetry and acetylcholinesterase activity in tank goby
(Glossogobius giuris) as indicators of environmental stress in the East Bay of
Laguna de Bay, Philippines

23 Assessing soil erosion and flood risk areas in Santa Rosa-Silang Watershed
using LiDAR data and SWAT modeling

39 Literature mining on dipterocarps: Towards better informed regeneration and
reforestation in Luzon, Philippines

55 GIS-aided development of Flash Flood Guidance with selection of
reforestation and conservation areas for Bigaan river basin, Cagayan de Oro
City, Philippines

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