The Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) will host the International Conference on Mainstreaming Gender for Health and Wellness and Promoting Clean Environment on November 27 to 28 at New World Hotel in Malate, Manila.

The four sub-themes of the Congress include: 1) knowledge, skills and education in environmental management and conservation; 2) policies and partnership for a clean environment and social protection; 3) capacity of women and men in coping with environmental degradation; and 4) environmental impact on health and wellness among women and men.

Dr. Marilyn Q. Lalican, GAD Focal Point of ERDB, highlighted that through the Congress, gender mainstreaming in research and development (R & D) studies on environment will be incorporated in addressing pressing environmental issues and concerns.

Dr. Lalican further stressed that the event is an avenue to address one of the missions of the Philippine Plan for Gender Responsive Development for 1995 to 2025 which is “sustainable development that equally benefits women and men rests on a sustainable environment”. This highlights the importance of gender studies on addressing environmental issues involving gender inequalities and environmental concerns including rights to land, natural resources and biodiversity; access to food, energy, water, and sanitation; and sustainable consumption and production for overall well-being.

The Overall Coordinator of the Congress, Dr. Lalican said that “environmental changes affect us all however, they affect men and women differently. Therefore, we must recognize the needs and concerns of both genders in addressing environmental problems.”

“With the onset of environmental degradation, we must work together for a future where gender mainstreaming is no longer needed as it is already embedded in our society,” said Dr. Sofio B. Quintana, ERDB Director.

ERDB is the research and development arm of DENR. In 2018, it also organized the National Conference on Multi-Disciplinary Perspective on Gender and Sustainable Environment in the Philippines which focused on gender dynamics. – Allysa Marie C. Federio