Volume 31 No. 1 – Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) 
Garcinia mangostana L. commonly known as mangosteen is one of the most delicious and best flavored fruits in the world. It is also one of the most praised tropical fruits due to its nutritive value and numerous amazing health benefits. In Asia, it is prized for its exceptional appearance as well as for its unique flavor. It is also regarded as the “Queen of Fruits”. It is a seasonal fruit that has great export market as it gains universal appeal because of the quality in color, shape and flavor of its fruit. In the French Carribean, it is referred to as “Fruit of the Gods”. It is also the national fruit of Thailand. The genus of this tree was named after the French botanist Laurent Garcin (1683-1751) who first described this species in 1734, while mangostana came from the Malay manggisutan.

Due to the proliferation of health problems and expensive cost of medicines even in generic form, people are trying to find health solutions through the use of alternative herbal medicines and consumption of antioxidant food supplements to help address human needs for optimal nutrition to fight free radicals that damage healthy cells. It also aims to boost body’s immune system so as to have strong defense from illnesses considering the significant contributions that can be derived from various medicinal forest trees such as G. mangostana, it is important that the public should be aware of the health benefits that this species can offer to us and more importantly how this species can be propagated and planted to establish more plantations and supply its increasing demand in the market.

The information provided in this brochure will serve as a guide for farmers, nursery and plantation owners, researchers, students and others who are interested to plant as well as utilize this xanthone-rich fruit tree species.

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