The participants composed of senior citizens, PWD employees and PO members during the learning event conducted in Tuba, Benguet.

A learning activity of the senior citizens and PWD employees of ERDB was conducted last May 2, 2019 at Liwliw, Camp 4, Tuba, Benguet to disseminate ENR technologies on using Hi-Q Vam 1 and bamboo propagation. The activity was done primarily as an exchange learning event between the ERDB staff and the CBFM farming community in Tuba, Benguet.

The 30 participants were members of the CBFM PO – Nagawa Manganese Liwliw Saddle Agroforestry Association, Inc. (NAMALISAA).  The ERDB group composed of 40 senior citizens and PWD staff headed by Assistant Director Dr. Bighani Manipula disseminated the technology on the use and benefits of Hi-Q Vam 1. The WWRRDEC staff  discussed the bamboo production technology. Likewise, Dr. Manipula shared his thoughts on bamboo propagation and encouraged the PO members to plant the bamboo propagules within the vicinity of the CBFM areas of around 413 hectares.

After the presentation, the participants were eager to apply what they have learned, and so they were given samples of the Hi-Q Vam 1 as well as cuttings of Giant bamboo for them to propagate. They were very receptive of the technologies that they said they will apply these immediately in their respective farms, which will then be monitored by the WWRRDEC staff.

The staff from WWRRDEC facilitated the conduct of the activity by coordinating with the CBFM Unit of CENRO Baguio as well as with the PO officers led by its president, Mr. John Dizon, Jr. Diosdado A. Estigoy, WWRDEC