Volume 30 No. 3 - Threatened Philippine Forest Tree Species 
This issue features two (2) Philippine endemic Fabaceae species namely Kamatog (Sympetalandra densiflora (Elm.) Steenis) and Supa (Sindora supa Merr.). They are both endangered species based on DENR Administrative Order no. 2007-01 (otherwise known as “Establishing the National List of Threatened Philippine Plants and their Categories, and the List of other Wildlife Species”). The wood of Kamatog is of good quality which is used for construction, furniture and cabinet work.

Supa, on the other hand, has been assessed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and is categorized as Vulnerable Species. Its timber is used for high-grade furniture, interior work, musical instruments and flooring, while its wood-oil is locally used as a lamp-oil, varnish-making and paints, and is likewise medicinally used to treat skin diseases.


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