Volume 27 No. 2 – Insecticidal/Pesticidal Plants (Part I Trees / Part II Shrubs)
This issue is intended to generate awareness and interest in the benefits and importance of trees and shrubs which have medicinal, insecticidal and pesticidal properties.

The information shared in this issue is intended for individuals who rely on herbal medicine especially on trees and shrubs. Also, trees and shrubs discussed herein have unique properties which can be used as insecticides and pesticides.

Some of the trees featured in this issue that have medicinal properties include: atis, baguilumbang, bani, kasoy, neem, etc. On the other hand, shrubs featured like adelfa, balanoi, baraibai, etc. have pesticidal/insecticidal properties. Entrepreneurs may also consider these trees for their commercial values.

We encourage our readers to study these species and consider them for propagation so that the supply of raw materials will be readily available at all times. It will also sustain our needs for these medicinal trees and shrubs species.


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