Volume 27 No. 1 – Cacao (Theobroma cacao Linnaeus)
Cacao is one of the fruit trees that has a big potential in both local and international markets. Its scientific name is Theobroma cacao L. which means “food for the Gods” in Greek It is one of the 22 species of Theobroma. The species is very popular worldwide primarily because it is being used as raw material for chocolate production. It is also being utilized in the
preparation of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.Cacao is an exotic species but it thrives well in the country because it is an equatorial crop. It can be observed that all cocoa producing regions are situated within 20 degrees north and south of the equator reffered to as “Cocoa Belt”.Some experts believe that the success of the National Greening Program (NGP) can be achieved through agroforestry thus, in the implementation of the NGP, it aims to plant an equal number of forest trees and multi-purpose trees such as fruit trees and plantation crops. Cacao is among the perrenial crops that can be used for intercropping, similar to coconut, coffee, rubber, abaca, pili, nangka, cashew, tamarind and other fruit trees. Thus, there must be sustainable production of cacao in the country.The information provided in this brochure will be of great help to interested farmers, farm investors, and other enthusiasts in supporting the plantation and production of cacao in the country.