Volume 26 No. 3 – Guyabano (Annona muricata Linnaeus)
One of the fruit trees that is highly valued nowadays because of its excellent nutritional value and numerous uses is Annona muricata L. or commonly called guyabano. Of the 60 or more species of the genus Annona, the species is the most tropical, largest-fruited and is the only one that can be processed and preserved.

Guyabano is generally grown as a commercial crop for its nutritious fruits. It is an introduced species in the Philippines, but owing to its various health benefits, it is widely cultivated in all parts of the country. Research reveals that the fruit extracts can inhibit the growth of human breast cancer cells which makes guyabano more in demand these days.

It is envisioned that the information provided herein will serve as a guide for the public on the beneficial uses of the species as well as its propagation and plantation establishment. Planting of this species will not only support the government’s call for reforestation but will also augment the supply of raw materials for alternative medicine using this species.