Volume 24 No. 2 – Forest Trees and Vines with Medicinal Properties
This issue of RISE is intended to generate awareness and interest on the benefits and importance of forest trees and forest vines which have medicinal contents.

Some of the important forest trees that could be tapped owing to their medicinal contents are:Alagau, Anonang, Banaba, Banato, Dita, etc. While Abuhab-baging, Baling-uai, Bayating, Bulakan and Dugtong-ahas are forest vines which have also medicinal value.

The information contained in this issue are intended for individuals who rely on herbal medicine, especially on forest trees and forest vines. It can also be considered by entrepreneurs in the herbal and medicinal industry in the country.

Lastly, we encourage peoples’ organizations, local government units, and farmers especially in the upland communities to propagate forest trees and vines so that the supply of raw materials will be available all the time. It will also help replenish our degraded areas and ultimately sustain our needs for these medicinal trees and vine species.