Volume 9 No. 6 – November to December 2015
Inside: 2 Partner Bond Project holds Capacity Building on Bamboo Propagationin Liliw, Laguna
3 ERDB showcases Hi-Q VAM 1 in NBW 2015 4 BCWERC Region 6 garners 2nd and 3rd place
on the presentations of the Transfer and Adoption of ENR Technologies Gumaca, Quezon
 residents visit ERDB for Lakbay Aral n 5 BCWERC Center Head and ERDB researcher attend
 East Asian Seas Congress 2015 at Da Nang City, Vietnam n 6 BCWERC Region 6 and 7
 biodiversity profiling and CarCap Team conducts vegetation and faunal survey in Gigantes Island
 Director Adornado and five selected ERDB foresters attend the 67th SFFI Convention
 8 WWRRC facilitates Training-Workshop on Research Proposal Preparation for its researchers 
8 Tide watching mangrove moth strikes again n 9 ERDB, RCs hold 2015 year-end employees’ assembly 
9 BCWERC conducts 2015 Year-End Assessment of RDE Projects and Programs
 10 WWRRC inaugurates its CVERS Building 11 ERDB conducts 4th Management Conference
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