Volume 10 No. 2 – March to April 2016

Inside: 2 ERDB and Baguio City ink MOA on water harvesting advocacy 3 Oplan Bambusa strengthened through BPPM training 4 ERDB conducts seminar for newly-appointed and contractual employees 4 ERDB joins World Water Day celebration 5 Manila City librarians visit ERDB for lakbay aral 5 ERDB senior citizens plant mangrove trees to celebrate Earth Day 6 ERDB conducts 1st Management Conference for CY 2016 6 ERDB participates in SIPAG FIESTA exhibit 7 ERDB joins workshop on Traditional Forest Knowledge 8 TTPU-UTHRC sets up exhibit on CBT process and vertical planting in LGU sites 8 TPPU-UTHRC facilitates hands-on-training on CBT 9 UTHRC holds Focus Group Discussion 10 Learning event held to discuss BCWERC RDE operations and management 11 BCWERC monitors mangrove condition in oil-spill affected lava island in Cordova, Cebu 12 BCWERC participates in the ERDB-GAD Focal Pointseries of GAD capability building activities 13 BCWERC Region 8 station head orients Japanese students on mangrove ecosystems and MBFDP 14 UERD researchers join the UNITAR CIFAL Jeju trainings in South Korea


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