Volume 10 No. 1 – January to February 2016

Inside: 2 ERDB held general assembly and oath taking of the newly promoted employees 3 BCWERC conducts 2015 Year-End Assessment of RDE Projects and Programs 3 WWRRC inaugurates its CVERS Building 4 The participants of the ERDB’s 4th Management Conference held on Dec. 14-17 at the View Park Hotel, Tagaytay City 5 BCWERC head pays courtesy visit to DENR Negros Island Region Regional Director 5 Estimation of Carbon Sequestration project wins in FORESPI Poster Contest 6 FERD researchers and personnel prepare for CY 2016 and beyond 7 LAUFTeRC holds Year-End Assessment & Forward Planning Workshop and HR Inter vention for Rank-and-file Personnel 8 Mangroves survive the attack of Tide Watching Mangrove Moth 9 MDARRC holds regional technology forum 9 ERDB team conducts IECs on peatland conservation in Lopez, Quezon and Talacogon, Agusan del Sur 11 Beetle “Poecilips fallax Eggers” infests Bakauan plantation in Hinoba-an, Negros Island Region 12 BCWERC participates in the ERDB-GAD Focal Point series of GAD capability building activities 12 BCWERC Region 8 station head orients Japanese students on mangrove ecosystems and MBFDP 13 Director Henry A. Adornado presents ERDB NGP PQPM and MBFDP Accomplishment Report for 2015 13 DENR Region 7 wins 1st place in the MFDP Regional Presentations of Post-project Assessment Report 14 ERDB senior citizens plan for 2016 15 BCWERC joins the Open Water SCUBA Diving Course 16 ERDB hosts meeting cum workshop on PREXC



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