Volume 30 No. 1 - Balobo (Diplodiscus paniculatus Turcz.)
Balobo is an endemic forest tree species in the Philippines. It is one of the lesser-used timber species but with various potential uses. Based on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species Version 2017-2, the species is considered Vulnerable as assessed in 1998. The species habitat loss through logging and shifting cultivation has caused considerable decline of the species population.

The ERDB as a research arm of the DENR should support the Department’s approach to shift from the use of exotic species to endemic/native species in the rehabilitation, protection and forestation programs of our government. It is important to encourage the use of lesser used species (LUS) as a means to increase the value of the forest. Instead of continuously using the exotic species, we must recognize the importance of our native species and also protect the Philippine environment particularly from those exotic invasive species which can threaten the existence of our native species in its natural habitat.

The information contained herein can serve as a reference in promoting the use of his lesser used species and renew our interest in harmony with our native species.


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