Volume 29 No. 2 - Lipote (Syzigium polycephaloides (C.B. Rob.) Merr.)
This issue of RISE will provide significant information as well as generate awareness on the benefits and importance of the indigenous trees, particularly, lipote. Lipote which is now rarely found in its natural habitat which needs protection and conservation measures due to its usefulness as a highly nutritious food source. It is a good fruit worth for promotion. Unfortunately, like many other wild fruits, the natural population of lipote trees is declining. This should be a matter of concern for DENR and other agencies so that this plant will be included in different tree plantation projects to save it from extinction.

In its processed form, it finds its way into the local and export markets once entrepreneurs have looked into its economic potential. The fruit wines produced either for home consumption or commercial purposes may be found throughout the country, especially now that the Filipinos have become more and more aware of the culture of wine drinking.

The information contained in this issue is intended for individuals or any stakeholder who is interested to propagate this species. We hope that the knowledge and learning that will be gained from this publication will be used to further enrich our ecosystems landscape and services of valuing lipote as an indigenous tree.


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