The urban ecosystem had been pressured by rapid rate of air, water and land pollution coupled by thermal heat, hazardous waste generation and reduced greenery areas. This was brought about by accelerated urbanization giving rise to industrialization, population influx and increased infrastructure development. These besetting problems in urban ecosystem contributed a high percentage in the so-called climate change or global warming. This compendium therefore has been designed for urban environmental managers who are in search for solutions in addressing these various problems.
Information on the most appropriate rehabilitation techniques however, is scanty. The much-needed research-based data are generally scattered in different government agencies, private organizations, colleges and universities. There is only a need to gather, integrate, and consolidate these large bodies of scientific knowledge and verify the technologies under certain environmentally-stressed site conditions.
Hence, it is envisioned that the application of the technologies presented in this compendium will be instrumental in the recovery and management of the damaged urban ecosystem for the provision of a safe and productive environmental life for urban people.
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