Volume 21 No. 3 – Useful Plant Species with Toxic Substances (A Compilation)
This issue provides information on other plants species that are economically useful and have medicinal uses, but possess certain toxic substances. The first publication with a similar topic was published in the May-August 2000 issue of RISE. The contents of which became the focus of inquiry by several individuals following newspaper report on elementary pupils who were poisoned by eating seeds of tuba-tuba.
Toxic substances, not known to most people, are found in different parts of some plants like in the root system, fruit, bark, leaves, sap or resin, juice in the pericarp and hairs located in the leaves.
This compilation describes various useful species that have possible harmful substances in certain parts of the plant. Hopefully, the information contained herein will guide readers in the proper utilization of the plants. The information is intended for public awareness especially the forest trekkers, mountain climbers, ranchers, ordinary farmers and even students, teachers, and other citizens who may come in contact with such plants. Knowing these facts can caution them against the harmful effects and provide ideas on how to properly handle these species.