Volume 17 Nos. 1-3 – Grassland Species with Medicinal Potentials
In the countryside, numerous grasses, hedges, herbs, vines, shrubs and tree species flourish. These are considered to be of no value to man except for their ecological functions. On the contrary, many of these species have been discovered to have medicinal potential, hence, can be harnessed in places where source of commercial medicine is rare.
Moreover, use of these species for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products can be a high-potential entrepreneurial venture. The source of indigenous materials as well as production in large volume would not be a problem because these plant species have grown invasively like weeds.
This RISE issue features a compilation of 58 selected species growing in degraded grasslands and pasturelands throughout the country. It contains description and photos of the wild species as well as their habitat so that they can be properly identified.
It is envisioned that this research information will not only serve as a guide to the general public in looking for medicinal plants to remedy certain ailments. It also hopes to encourage entrepreneurs to use Philippine biological materials in manufacturing commercial drugs.
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