Project 2. Development of Technologies on Sustainable Resource Management of Forest Ecosystem
Study 1. Vulnerability assessment of priority watersheds with coastal areas in the Philippines to climate change
Date Started January 2011
Date of Completion December 2018
Duration 7
Place of Implementation Pangasinan Ilocos Norte Zambales Batangas Quezon Oriental Mindoro Camarines Norte Aklan Iloilo Davao del Sur
Funding Agency ERDB
Proponent/s Karen Rae M. Fortus
Description This project involves assessment of vulnerability to hazards of selected watersheds and coastal areas in the Philippines and provides recommendations of adaptation measures for inclusion to the watershed management plan and LGUs land use plan. vulnerability assessment aims to provide the policy and decision makers with science-based information on the magnitude and/or degree of vulnerability of a watershed to natural and anthropogenic hazards. It also analyzes and determine as to where and what the strategies and methods to be applied. It is then a very important input to the formulation of integrated watershed management plan. The goal is to ensure adequate protection from the environmental hazards, thus the process includes identification of hazards, assessment of vulnerability and formulation of interventions to reduce possible damage or enhance the coping capacity of the system.