Project 1.1. Genetic Improvement of Forest Tree Species for Quality Wood Production
Study 7. Evaluation of the effects of biological and organic fertilizers on the growth performance of forest tree species
Date Started October 2012
Date of Completion December 2018
Duration 5
Place of Implementation Laguna
Funding Agency ERDB
Proponent/s Carmelita A. Mojica
Description To address the great demands for the production of quality planting materials for the National Greening Program, the employment of economical, sustainable and environment- friendly technologies are called for. Biofertilizers or microbial inoculants are terms given to living microorganisms that enrich the nutrient quality of soil. The main sources of biofertilizers are bacteria (N-fixing and other beneficial bacteria), actinomycetes, fungi and cynobacteria (blue-green algae). Besides biofertilizers, application of cultural management in the nursery also affects the growth of seedlings. These are the use of potting mixtures which will promote good drainage which unlike a combination of different materials is coir dust, humus and organic matter, sand and garden soil. The determination of soil potting mixtures fertility thru physical and chemical analysis is also done to know what soil amendment must be added to the mixtures.