Externally Funded Projects
Development of Micropropagation Protocol for Four Economically Important Bamboo Species in the Philippines
Date Started November 2016
Date of Completion December 2019
Duration 3
Place of Implementation
Funding Agency PCARRD
Proponent/s Romana A. Mauricio
Description This outside-funded project carries the objective of developing an efficient, reliable and cost effective in vitro micropropagation protocol for mass propagation of four economically important bamboo species in the country including Kawayan Tinik (Bambusa blumeana J.A. and J.H. Schultes), Bayog (Bambusa merrilliana (Elmer) Rojo & Roxas comb. nov.), Laak (Bambusa philippinensis (Gamble) McClure) and Giant Bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper (Schultes et.) Backer ex Heyne).